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Goal #101: Keep a Blog to Track My Progress | December 5, 2009

I spent the last couple days making a list of 100 goals I want to achieve by the age of 30, and this blog is where I will keep track of my progress.

Why make a list of 100 goals?

Well, I have always been happiest when chasing some sort of goal. Last May, I ran the Long Island Marathon and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Not just running it, but also training for it. The last few months, I haven’t really had any goals to chase and I haven’t been as happy. So, I figured I should just give myself some new goals.

Why keep a blog about it?

I thought about not keeping a blog or just keeping this private, but I decided to share my goals with anyone who happens to read this for a few reasons:

1.) It will hold me accountable and help motivate me.
2.) Someone may read my goals and see one or two they can help me achieve. And I’ll need all the help I can get!
3.) Maybe, just maybe, I will inspire someone else to make their own list of goals to achieve, particularly if I am successful.

This is stupid. Why would anyone do this?
You’re stupid.


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