Ahead By A Century

100 Goals To Accomplish Before The Age of 30 | December 5, 2009

Bold items are “in progress.” Crossed out items are completed.

1. NYC Marathon
2. Boston Marathon
3. Comrades Marathon
4. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
5. Become fluent in a 2nd language
6. Learn to Cook
7. Go four (non-consecutive) months without eating out (0/4)
8. Make a Cigar Box Ukulele
9. Get A Master’s Degree in Education
10. Become a teacher
11. Teach Abroad (With Katie Held?)
12. Complete a triathlon
13. Get in touch with a distant relative I have never met
14. Make a Detailed Family Tree
15. Visit my Grandparents/Brother/Aunt in California
16. Go to All 7 Continents (3/7)
17. Go to a Caribbean Island
18. Take a Spontaneous, Last Minute Trip To Somewhere 100+ Miles Away
19. Learn to Draw
20. Learn To Paint
21. Write a book and/or novel
22. Become a Better Photographer
23. 5-minute mile (PR 5:45, several years ago)
24. Gain 15-20lbs of muscle
25. Raise $10,000 for charity (0/10K)
26. Learn to Sail
27. Learn to Dance
28. Make a Wish Come True for Another Person
29. Learn to Play Guitar
30. Perform/Sing a Song on Guitar in front of an Audiance
31. Play and Beat Oregon Trail
32. Take a beautiful picture of a sunrise
33. Meet Rainn Wilson
34. Meet Tim Ferriss
35. Meet Jake and Amir
36. Meet Jon Stewart
37. Meet Stephen Colbert
38. Talk to Strangers
39. Learn Origami Completed–12/10/09
40. Read 200 More Books (1/200)
41. Write a Letter To the President
42. Compliment 10 Random Strangers in One Day
43. Send a secret into Post Secret
44. Complete the 21-Day No-Complaint Experiment
45. Wish upon 10 Shooting Stars (0/10)
46. Write 10 Thank-you Notes to Important People in My Life (0/10)
47. Memorize and Be Able to Recite a Poem
48. Ask a Stranger Out on a Date (And Have Her Say Yes)
49. Go on 5 dates in 5 weekends (Not necessarily with the same girl) (0/5)
50. Have a long-term relationship
51. Grow a Vegetable Garden
52. Catch, clean, and prepare a fish (And eat it!)
53. Go to an Indian Wedding (Multi-day event)
54. Complete 10 NY Times Sunday Crossword Puzzles (Without Cheating) (0/10)
55. Become a street magician
56. Become a pool shark
57. Be able to hold my breath for over 4 minutes (PR ~3:00)
58. Juggle 3 objects lit on fire
59. Make a Box Kite
60. Take a Week-Long Vow of Silence
61. Walk Across a Pit of Hot Coals
62. Make a Ship in a Bottle
63. Brew My Own Beer
64. Learn to Pick Locks
65. Solve a Rubix Cube
66. Do a Backflip
67. Build an Igloo and Spend the Night in it
68. Start a Correspondence with the (Fe)mailman
69. Sleep Under The Stars
70. Learn to Play Poker Well
71. Write and Illustrate a Children’s Book
72. Perform Stand-Up Comedy (Without Being Booed Off Stage)
73. Perform a Hilarious Prank on an Unsuspecting Bystander
74. See the Aurora Borealis
75. Learn to Track Animals
76. Learn How To Wield a Knife
77. Learn How To Defend Myself
78. Go Vegetarian for a Month
79. Build an Amazing Sand Castle
80. Try out Geocaching
81. Go to a Nude Beach
82. Visit 20 Museums (0/20)
83. Go on a picnic with some close friends
84. Do yoga 3 times a week for at least a month
85. Do yoga on top of a mountain
86. Sing Karaoke
87. Eat Caviar, Haggis, Shark, Alligator, Frog Legs, and Escargot
88. Make and Participate in a Scavenger Hunt
89. Spend a night in a haunted house (By Myself)
90. Build a Shelter in the Woods and Sleep in it
91. Start a campfire without matches or a lighter
92. Go Scuba Diving
93. Learn How To Invest Money and Do So
94. Hold a Praying Mantis, Spider, and Snake in my hands (Not at the same time)
95. Try Surfing
96. Play in the Mud (Mudwrestle?)
97. Do Something I am truly afraid of
98. Learn First Aid
99. Create and Bury a Time Capsule
100. Buy/Grow A Bonsai Tree
101. Keep a Blog to Track My Progress

If I complete the whole list, then:
102. Hike The Entire Appalachian Trail (Takes around 6 months)

If I complete goal 102, then:
103. Bring Peace To The Middle East


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